Wireless Internet Service

Whether your business needs high speed internet, or you simply need help setting up your very first wireless internet account, we’re your key to the World Wide Web. 

Wireless Internet Access

Double Dog Communications now offers the power of Wireless Internet access to certain areas of York County. Fixed Broadband Wireless utilizes wireless radio frequencies to transmit your data, functioning much like T.V. and Radio do. An antenna is placed on the exterior of your building or residence that communicates with an antenna on the Double Dog Communications network. The result? Fast, reliable wireless Internet access.

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Ethernet Internet Access

We now have the capability to offer you High Speed Ethernet Internet Access tailored specifically for business applications when that extra burst of bandwidth becomes necessary. Fast, reliable internet access delivered via Ethernet, without the need for a complex router. Ethernet delivered over fiber to your office provides a variety of powerful options for LAN and WAN communications.

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T-1, T-3 Internet Access

T-1, T-3 are dedicated high-speed solutions for the corporate environment. Installing a T-1 line allows dedicated, simultaneous access for many users. A T-1 line offers far superior reliability and bandwidth over any of the lower-end solutions such as cable modem, DSL, etc. T-1 is the answer for your business if you need a solid and secure connection between multiple locations or to the Internet. For greater speeds, we can offer T-3, and greater capacity lines as well.

Double Dog Communications offers some of the best rates for T-1 services anywhere in the region. This service includes all IP addresses at no extra charge, unlimited email boxes, and virus protection on email only.

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Email Hosting (Personal or Business)

We protect your email.
With state of the art anti-virus and anti-spam systems to filter all of the email that goes through our network. This protects our users from the devastating effects of computer viruses and annoying junk email.